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Who are we and what do we sing?

Eurokoor NL is a choir with about 90 amateur singers, men and women inspired by contemporary "pop" music. We are guided and taught by our choir leader Judith Tacken, whose musical background and experience is phenomenal despite her young age. Our concerts are accompanied by our very own four man band The EuroPacemakers.

What is our vision?

Through singing we encourage people to experience the fun of music, and hope that the enjoyment will make a positive difference in their lives, whether it is by participating in the choir or simply as part of the audience. By taking this vision with us throughout Europe, we hope that singing will help to overcome the difference in cultures and unite people in song.

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We perform in the Leiden area where we are based, and throughout The Netherlands and Europe. Eurokoor has sung with other choirs in Luxemburg, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, England and Denmark. These experiences have given us the inspiration to continue our ambition to sing in differing European countries, preferably with local choirs, every other year. We also invite choirs from other European countries to sing with us in Leiden, from Newcastle in 2014 and Copenhagen in 2017.

We have a preference for unique and unusual locations and events. In the past we have sung in a zoo, at local festivities, on or next to canals, in a bulbfield, for the Queen on Queen's Day, at the famous Keukenhof gardens in Lisse, with orchestras in churches for Christmas concerts, in theatres or just somewhere on a market square in a town. We take on almost any challenge anywhere to let people enjoy our singing, including a ‘flashmob’ now and again.

You are welcome to explore this website or to contact us for more information.